With these instructions, Atolia's integrated video conferencing will no longer hold any secrets for you 👇

To use the video conferencing on Atolia, click directly on the 📞 icon in a group or direct message and choose your call option:
Video call.
Audio call to call without the camera.
Start a webinar, to mute all participants.

1) Click on Public Chat to open the pane and write messages in the chats.

2) This is the link to connect to the video conference that you can send on to the guests. Below that are the instructions you can use to connect to the video conference by phone.

3) Click on a participant's photo to access the following options:
Talk with this participant in private only.
Mute a guest's microphone.
The guest can write on the "Whiteboard" feature.
The guest, presenter, can now share his/her screen or documents with participants.
Guest can switch from presenter to guest.
The guest leaves the videoconference.

4) Discuss in writing with all video conference guests by typing your text in this space. ⚠️ The text is ephemeral and will be deleted when the video conference ends.

5) Click the ➕ icon to access the following options:
Send documents with guests.
Share a survey with guests.
Share the URL of a video to your guests to watch live.
Select a user in the audience to interact with.

6) Close the video conference and end the call.

7) Click on three dots to access other settings on the video conference, including whether or not to enable notifications during the video conference.

Enable or disable your microphone.

9) Turn on or off the sound. Click on the white arrow to change the audio settings for the microphone and speaker.

10) Turn on or off your camera.

11) Share your screen and select the window you want to show.

12) Share a whiteboard for guests to take notes or draw on. To do this, skip the first slide by clicking on the right arrow at the bottom of the board. Click the button again to remove the board from the screen.

13) Raise your hand to ask the presenter to speak for example.

Perhaps you have more questions? 🤔

What browsers are compatible with videoconferencing? Videoconferencing is available on all recent browsers supporting WebRTC technology. This is the case for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, please make sure to update your browser: a version that is too old will prevent your video calls from working properly.

I'm experiencing slowdowns or blackouts, what can I do?
Turn off your camera to reduce the flow of data in transit.
Turn off your microphone if you don't need to speak.
Leave and return to the call.
Check your Internet connection.

What are the recommended equipment and connection? For optimal use, we recommend that you have update your browsers and a fresh computer or phone. For a better comfort, we recommend a headset as well as a microphone and a good Internet connection (fiber optic type).
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