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Videoconferencing on your computer

With these instructions, Atolia's integrated video conferencing will no longer hold any secrets for you 👇

To use the integrated videoconferencing feature on Atolia, simply click on the 📞 icon located at the top right of a group or direct message. The call will start and group members will receive a notification to join.

When you join a call, a new tab opens with various options:

1) Enter your first and last name, which will be displayed to all other participants during the call.

2) Join the call.

3) Turn your microphone on or off.

4) Turn your camera on or off.

5) Invite participants.

6) Select a background from the options provided.

7) Adjust various settings such as devices (microphone, camera, audio), your profile, sounds, etc.

Remember to allow the use of your microphone and camera on your browser. To do this, a notification will appear when you arrive on the video conference. Click on "Allow".

1) Turn your microphone on or off.

2) Turn your camera on or off.

3) Share your screen and select the tab you want to present.

4) Chat with all participants in the video conference via the column displayed on the left side of your screen. You can also create polls during the call. ⚠️ The chat messages and polls are temporary and will be erased when the video conference ends.

5) Raise your hand to ask for permission to speak, for example.

6) Click here to display the list of participants on the right side of your screen. You have several options:
Invite participants to the video conference.
Search for participants.
By clicking on a participant's name, you can ask them to reactivate their microphone, send them a private message, or exclude them.

You can create multiple breakout rooms in which your teams can have small group discussions.
You can also mute or turn off the microphone or camera of all participants.
By clicking on the three dots at the bottom right corner of your screen, you have access to other settings as a moderator.

7) Turn on or off the grid view.

8 ) You have access to other video conferencing options such as sharing a video, sharing audio, selecting a camera background, etc.

9) End the call.

Perhaps you have more questions? 🤔

What browsers are compatible with videoconferencing? Videoconferencing is available on all recent browsers supporting WebRTC technology. This is the case for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, please make sure to update your browser: a version that is too old will prevent your video calls from working properly.

I'm experiencing slowdowns or blackouts, what can I do?
Turn off your camera to reduce the flow of data in transit.
Turn off your microphone if you don't need to speak.
Leave and return to the call.
Check your Internet connection.

What are the recommended equipment and connection? For optimal use, we recommend that you have update your browsers and a fresh computer or phone. For a better comfort, we recommend a headset as well as a microphone and a good Internet connection (fiber optic type).

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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