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The Projects Module - Main features

Welcome on the Projects Module!

You'll find below a description of all the features you may find on the module.

1) Click to create your project and create your list.
2) Click to access your daily dashboard where your current and upcoming tasks are displayed.
3) Click to access all your current projects: personal and group projects.
4) Click to access all archived projects (those you have closed).
5) Click to access the project options (rename, add color) and sharing options:

6) Filter your projects by group, alphabetically or by date.
7) Change the view of your lists to see them in banner mode.
8) Click to access your project tasks.

9) Click to add a task to your project.
10) Check your task to close it once it is completed.
11) Click to get different options for all tasks in the list: duplicate, delete, check, uncheck or move.
12) Click to create a new task list.
13) Click to filter tasks by label, date, assigned member, in progress or completed.
14) Click to access the same project options as the number
On the left, you will find the percentage of progress of the tasks of your project (according to the checked tasks).
15) Click to edit this selected task in your project:
Assign someone to the task so it appears in their daily dashboard.
Add a due date: a start and end date for the task to get organized.
Add a label to categorize the task.
Duplicate the task.
Move the task to prioritize it in the list or change it from the list.
Track the task if you want to be notified of changes.
More options: add an attachment, a comment, a description, subtasks...

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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