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The Notes Module - Main features 📝

Welcome to your Notes module! 🥳

Find out everything you need to know about your Notes module in this video. 👇

This module is dedicated to your personal notes, processes or good practices that you might want to share with collaborators!

Here are the main features of Notes:

1) You will find 3 tabs here:
The "All notes" tab gathers all the notes you have access to (yours and those that have been shared with you).
The "My notes" tab contains all the notes you have created or those you have written on.
The "Shared notes" tab contains all the notes that have been shared with you.

2) Click on the notes to view or edit them.

3) The indicator on the left lets you know how many likes your Note has received, while the indicator on the right shows the number of times the page has been viewed.

4) Click here to create a new Note.

5) Filter your Notes to find them easily. You can search for a note by typing its name directly into the box, filter by a group with whom the note has been shared, and filter by access (if you have read-only access or as an author). You can also change the display of your different Notes, by list, or as a larger box.

6) This indicator allows you to see who are the authors (called "Collaborators") of the Note.

If we create a Note, this is what it will look like:

7) Click to preview your page to see how users see it.

8 ) The collaborators represented are the authors of the page. By clicking on the pencil on the right, you can add or delete authors. A list of collaborators of your space will appear, by clicking once on a user, you can add him/her as an author and by clicking again, you will delete the author.

9) Click to share this page with groups or to delete it. By sharing it to groups, users will be able to view the note in read-only mode.

10) To skip a line, press the "+" button. To move a file or paragraph, hover your mouse over the paragraph in question, click on the 6 dots that appear, and keep them pressed while moving the item. By just clicking on these dots, you can also delete them.

11) To add text, an image, a title, a file or anything else, click on the "Add" button or on the "/" key on your keyboard. Scroll through the list to choose the item you want to add to your note.

For example:
If you want to add a title, click on the "Add" button or the "/" key on your keyboard and select "Title1".
If you want to add text underneath, click "Add" or the "/" key on your keyboard and select "Text".
To skip a line in this same signature, type Shift+Enter. And so on, the writing magic happens. ⭐️

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Updated on: 31/08/2023

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