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The Notes Module - Main features

Welcome to your Notes module!

This module is dedicated to your personal notes, processes or good pratices that you might want to share with collaborators!

Here are the main features of Notes!

1) Click to create a new Note page.

2) Click to take a look a the Note page.

3) Click to filter your Notes. You can search a Note by searching by its name, by filtering by group it's been shared with, by filtering by access ( read-only or author of the Note), by filtering by status ( if the Note is published or drafted ).

4) Click to change the viewing of your pages Note, by list, or larger size.

5) Click to publish a Note to a group or click once again to keep the note as a draft. If you do not have access to the button, it means you are not the author of the page.

6) This indicator enables you to see who the authors of the page Note are.

7) This icone indicates the number of views on the Note page.

If we create a Note, you will have access to the below page:

8) Click to preview your Note Page to see how the collaborators you will share the page with will see the Note page.

9) Click to publish or unpublish the page.

10) The collaborators represented are the authors of the Note page. Clicking on the pen, you will be able to add or delete an author. Click on the collaborator of the list you want to add and click again if you want to delete it as author.

11) Click to share the Note page to groups or delete the page. By sharing the page to groups, users will be able to access the page in read-only.

12) To add a text, an image, a title, a file or else, click on the templates abve or on the "Add" button. Go through the list to choose what you want want to add to your Note. You'll see this button all along the eidition process.

_For example: If you wish to add a title, click on +, and select "Heading 1". If we wish to add some text below, we need to click on + below and select "Text". To start a new line on one paragraph, type Shift+Enter. If we wish to add a file below, click on + and select "file". To move a paragraph from one place to another, go over the text, click and hold on the six dots, and move your paragraph._

13) Clicking on this button, you will be able to move your paragraph. This button appears when your moose goes over your text. Click and hold to move your paragraph (or file...). Clicking on this button, you will have the possibility to cancel your parapgraph.

14) Click on "Add" to add text, video, documents or any other features on your Notes.

When you add a video in your edition mode, you can enlarge the size of your video using the arrow buttons.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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