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The Agenda Module - Main features

Welcome on your Agenda module.

You'll find below a description of all the features.

1) Click to access your Agenda module.

2) Click to visualize your agenda per day, per week or per month.

3) Your tasks assigned will appear on the top of your agenda.

4) Move from week to week, day to day or even month to month .

5) Click to choose to hide or not the week end on your agenda.

6) Click to:
- Create an agenda (other than your personal calendar)
- Synchronize with an external Agenda.
- Subscribe to a public calendar : This feature means you subscribe to a personal agenda shared by a member or a group. To a subscribe to public calendar, the member must first make your calendar public in the settings of the agenda.

7) This is the personal calendar of Lorraine. If you put your mouse over your personal agenda, you'll have the ability to click on the settings of your agenda (three dots on the right of your agenda).
In the settings, you'll the different possibilities:
- Upload or export your agenda
- Share your calendra to a group
- Put a reminder before your events
- Choose the color of your agenda
- Make your calendar public so that a member of your team can subscribe to it
- Choose to make your calendar as Read only
- Choose to show availability only

8 ) These sections represents all of your agendas:
- Teams: This section gathers all of your group agendas.
- Subscription: This section gathers all of the calendars you've subscribed to.
- External : This section gathers all of your external agendas ( Outlook, Teams, Google Calendar, iCalendar)
- Projects : This section gathers all of the tasks of your projects (related to groups or not)

9) Click on a slot of your calendar to create an event.
Add a link to the videoconference by clicking on the camera. Choose an agenda in which you want your event to appear, and the color of the event.
By clicking on More options, you'll have the possibility to add a description, a location, a reminder, a recurrence or even files.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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