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The Agenda Module - Main features 🗓

Welcome on your Agenda module. 🥳

Find out how to manage your time with Atolia's shared diaries. 👇

You'll find below a description of all the features.

1) Click here to access the Calendars module.

2) View your calendar by week, month, or day.

3) Tasks from the Projects module assigned to you will appear at the top of your calendar with the 🏳 icon. Here, for example, we see a "Customer invoice" task.

4) Move from week to week, from day to day, or from month to month by clicking on the arrows.

5) With the scroll wheel, you can choose to display or hide all events and weekends on your agenda.

6) Click to:
- Create an agenda.
- Subscribe to a public calendar. This functionality is equivalent to subscribing to a personal agenda or to that of a group. The agenda must first be voluntarily shared in public. To do this, go to the options of the calendar in question.
- Import an external calendar to synchronize your external events on your Atolia calendar.

7) Here is your personal agenda, created automatically when creating your account. You can thus create private events. Hover your mouse over this calendar to reveal the possibility of clicking on the options (three dots that will appear on the right of the calendar).
In these options, you can:
- Download or export your agenda
- Share your calendar with a group
- Put a reminder before your events
- Choose the color of your diary
- Make your calendar public so other members can subscribe to your calendar
- Choose to display your calendar in read-only mode
- Choose to display only your availabilities for other members

8 ) You will find:
- Your team calendars, ie those shared with your work groups.
- Your subscriptions, i.e. the calendars of groups or members to which you have subscribed.
- Your external calendars, including your synchronized external calendars (Outlook, Teams, Google Calendar, iCalendar...).
- Your projects, i.e. the tasks of the selected project will appear on your calendar.

9) Add an event by clicking directly on your calendar.

10) You will have access to several possibilities to personalize your event:
Invite your collaborators by entering their e-mail addresses or by selecting users.
Add a link to the videoconference by clicking on the camera.
Choose in which agenda you want the event to appear and what color the event will be.
You also have other possibilities such as adding a description, a place, a reminder, a recurrence, or even attachments.

Here's a testimonial from one of our customers who coordinates her teams more effectively thanks to Shared Agendas on Atolia. 👇

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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