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How does the referral program work?

What is the referral program?

Reduce your Atolia bill by inviting new people/organizations to create an account and subscribe to Atolia.

How does it work?

Click on the name of your workspace and then on "Referral".

How to find the Referral page

On this page you will find your personalized link to share with people/organizations that might be interested in Atolia.

Share your personal link

If they sign up for a subscription after clicking on your link, your organization will receive 20% of the amount in credits. Referrals will receive 5% off for one year for any Premium or Business subscription.

For example: You share the link to Thomas from ABC Corp. ABC Corp subscribes to an annual subscription worth $1000. Your organization receives $200 deducted directly on your next invoice. ABC Corp will actually pay $1000 - 5% or $950.

How can I collect the credits?

You do not have to do anything. The credits are directly deducted from the next invoice or invoices. The credits cannot be transferred to your bank account.

How do I know the number of credits received?

At the bottom of the Referral page (see above to access this page), you will find a history of credits received with the name of the team, the amount, and the date.

History of credits

Want to go even further and become an affiliate partner of Atolia? Check out our affiliate program.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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