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If you wish to leave the Atolia platform for good, go to your profile at the top left of your interface. Then click on « My profile » and, at the bottom of the page, select « Delete my account ».

Please note that :

if you are the last administrator left in a space and other users are still present in that space, you will only be able to leave it after you have designated a new administrator.

if you are the last user present on a space, the space will be permanently deleted if you leave it.

In the Standard and Premium offers, the permanent deactivation of an Atolia user account does not delete the messages, documents, projects and events exchanged by this user in the workspace.

In the Company offer, we are able to offer you a customized archiving and deletion policy.

Please do not hesitate to let us know the reasons for your departure (via online support) as we are constantly looking to improve the 😉 application.
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