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What are the different roles on Atolia ?

In this video, Alice tells you all about the different roles on Atolia. 👇

Here are the different roles on Atolia:

Administrator: in addition to the functionality of a regular user, you have control over your workspace! 💼

An administrator is considered to be the manager of the space. Only administrators have access to the admin panel. There can be only one administrator in the Starter package and there is no limit in the Premium package.

From the administration panel, the administrator has several options. Among others, he can :
Modify any type of space settings: the name of the space, the management of invitations and integrations...
Access the user settings: add, delete or modify the role of a user. He can also see pending invitations and create invitation links to add new users to the space.
View existing channels, export data without being a member. He can choose to rename a channel or delete it.
Manage your subscription : change in subscription, invoice history, billing address, payment method etc...
Access to Atolia's activities or usage statistics.

Finally on the Atolia application, only an administrator can move, rename or delete a document or a file without being the author.

The User : this role offers you many possibilities ! 😎

A user can use all Atolia features:
Chat, call in video conference, create as many channels as he wants.
Use all modules: Projects, Notes, Documents or even Shared Agendas.
Store, share, co-edit and delete documents to work more efficiently.

External user: for an efficient collaboration with your partners or customers! 💪

The external user has the same rights as users but does not have access to the workspace member list.
This feature is ideal to improve the experience of your external partners, subcontractors, customers: you can now create content with them while keeping your contacts confidential. 🔐

Guest: read-only access, ideal for external people 👥

A guest is a free Atolia profile with restricted features compared to a normal user. The number of guests is limited to 1 on a space with the Starter offer and guests are unlimited on a Premium subscription. This is usually an external partner of an organization to whom you want to share specific information.

Other features:
A guest can exchange messages and up to 100MB of documents in the channel they are added to.
This profile will be read-only on Agendas, Projects and Notes. 👀
This role will not be able to send direct messages to collaborators in other channels.
It can only belong to a specific channel, it can only access the channel it has been invited to. A guest cannot be added in a global space, so he must be added only from a channel.

And within a channel:

The user or guest can create, edit and delete their own messages, documents and folders.

The moderator of the channel can edit and delete messages, documents and folders of all users (including other administrators).

The creator of a channel or the administrator of the space can delete the channel.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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