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How do I manage the number of seats available on my workspace?

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You can manage the number of seats available in your workspace at any time. 👥

If your maximum number of users has been reached and you wish to add new collaborators, you can increase the number of seats in your workspace.

There are two possibilities to do this:

Go to the " Users " tab of your administration panel. Click on " + Add a user ", fill in the requested information and check the box " I accept the addition of an additional workstation to my subscription ".

Go to the " Subscription " tab in your administration panel. Click " Manage Items " and add or remove as many items as you wish.

Billing for the addition of additional users is done via a pro rata system. Indeed, the administrator only pays from the date the user is added. The billing therefore only takes into account the remaining time until the next subscription cycle.

Conversely, if you wish to delete users, you will receive credits for the duration of the deletion until the next payment cycle. This way, you will have a balance of available credits that you can use at any time.

Updated on: 03/11/2022

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