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Easily install Atolia on all your devices

How to install Atolia in desktop version on Windows and MacOS?

On our web site, you can download Atolia, by clicking on the desired app on our website : .

When you do so, a file named or will be added to your downloads. Once the download is finished, you can install Atolia by opening the folder. 🧐

Which web browsers are compatible?

Your Atolia application is compatible with all recent browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave and Safari.
Make sure you update them well because a too old version (especially of Internet Explorer) will not allow the Atolia application to work properly.

How to install Atolia on Android and iOS mobiles?

Go to : or the Playstore or Appstore to download your application.

To start using Atolia via the application, you just have to enter your email address and your password. Your credentials are either the ones you chose when you created a workspace, or the ones the administrator gave you when inviting you to his workspace.

The first connection to Atolia, to create your account if you've been invited to join a team, must be down through the web application, which might be easier on a computer!

Updated on: 19/12/2022

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