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All about your tasks (label, deadline, description, etc.)

Customize your tasks by assigning collaborators, adding a label, a deadline, a description, sub-tasks, attachments and comments.

1) Track a task to receive notifications when someone changes it.

2) Add labels to your task: "Urgent", "Important"...

3) Change the title of your task by clicking on it.

4) Add a deadline to your task: a date, a date range, a schedule...

5) Assign the people who will contribute to the task.

6) Access several options: duplicate, move, mark as completed, delete.

7) Add a description to your task.

8 ) Add lists and subtasks to clarify tasks and improve organization.

9) Add attachments that you can modify in collaborative editing.

10) Add comments.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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