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How do I receive event reminder notifications?

1) To receive event reminder alerts by e-mail, on your browser or on your mobile, you can set up your notifications in your workspace.

Click on your profile at the top left of your interface and then on " My settings on your workspace ". In order not to miss any appointments, you can choose to receive notifications of events on mobile, browser or email.

If you choose to receive a notification on your browser, it will appear like this:

Then, don't forget to add the reminders on the desired calendars or events to be able to receive the notifications.

2) To receive alerts from a calendar

Add one or more reminders on your browser, mobile or e-mail, according to the settings saved from your administration panel.

3) To receive alerts for a specific event

You can add one or more reminders when creating or editing an event.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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