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First steps on Atolia!

Welcome to your workspace Atolia! The workspace to start a successful collaboration! 🥳

You will find below the steps to follow to use Atolia easily and quickly!

This is your workspace.

1) Add users to your workspace

If you are the creator of the workspace or even an administrator, you may click on this button to add new members to your workspace.
Choose the role you want to give to the new members. Click here for more information on roles.

2) Create your workgroups.

You can create as many groups as you like. Group employees by department or project, for example.

3) All your modules are accessible from your inbox.

Create, modify or consult your Documents, Notes, Projects and Events directly from your groups, with just one click. You can also access threads and favorite messages.

4) Call your entire team by videoconference.

You'll also find this setting in direct messaging with a teammate.

5) Consult our Help Center

In this section, you can consult our tutorials, our "First Steps" video and our latest Atolia news. You can also chat with us if you have any questions or suggestions for improving the tool.

6) Add users to workgroups.

Any user can create groups and add users to them. Any collaborator added to a group must first be a member of the workspace.


1) Click to go to your Notes module.

2) Create a new note.

4) Preview your note. This is how it will be seen by the users with whom you share access.

5) On the three dots, you can:

- Choose the groups with whom you wish to share the note. They won't be able to modify it, only view it.
- Add collaborators who will be able to modify the content of the note.
- Delete the note.


1) Click to access your Projects module and start managing your projects.

2) Click on this tab to access all of your projects.

3) Click to add a task to your list.

4) Click on the task once created to acess the different options:

Assign people to the tasks so that people can be notified,
Add a dealine to the task,
Duplicate or move a task,
Choose to follow a task if you are not assigned to it.


1) Click to access your agenda module.

2) Click on the slot on your calendar to create an event.

Choose from which calendar you want to create your event. You may want for instance to create an event from a group calendar from which you are part of. You can add a link to a videoconference. Clicking on "More options", you will be able to add a description, add an attachment or even a recurrence.

3) Click on "Add" to have several options for adding to your agenda:

Create a calendar,
Subscribe to a public calendar from your teammates and view their availability. The calendar will appear in the Subscriptions section.
Import an external calendar to synchronize an agenda from Outlook, Teams, Google, iCalendar on Atolia. The calendars added will then appear in the external section.

4) Click on the three dots to the right of your calendar to access your personal settings.

You can export your calendar or download it.

By clicking on "Settings", you may choose:
Share your agenda with a group.
Add a reminder before each event in your calendar so you can be notified.
Choose the color of your calendar.
Make your calendar public (your teammates will have to subscribe to your calendar to be able to see it).
Choose whether you want to show only your calendar's availabilities or all event details.
Display your agenda in read-only mode.

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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