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The Atolia platform is intended for any organization concerned about the protection of its data. This is particularly the case for SMEs, ETIs, Key Accounts and Public Institutions working in sensitive fields of activity. Whether you are in an industrial, financial or service company, or in a public administration, school or association; it is time for you to regain control over the data you process on a daily basis.

This all-in-one tool is also designed for teams who want to facilitate collaborative and remote work, while gaining in serenity and productivity. 💪
Do you need to collaborate remotely out of necessity? Atolia is there to accompany you in your discovery of telecommuting or to improve your daily life if you are already familiar with it.

Even if you are not an expert in digital tools, you will learn how to use Atolia very easily. You will no longer have to juggle dozens of different tools on several devices. You might quickly get a taste of the platform's features! 😄

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