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All of your modules available in your groups!

Your Notes, Projects, Documents, Calendars linked to your groups directly available ... in your groups!

In this video, Justine reveals all the secrets of integrating your modules into your groups: what's new and how this new feature will save you time! 👇

From now on, you'll have all of your modules available in your groups! Groups are at the center of your Atolia app. When a note, a project, a calendar is shared with a group, find them directly in your groups !

How to use your modules in your groups?

Click on your Notes at the top of your group. You'll have access to all of your notes linked to your groups! You may as well create a Note directly in your group by clicking on "New"! and even edit your Notes ! You'll still find all of your Notes in your dedicated module!

Do not forget to create groups per project or department

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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